New York City police officers visit Pakistan

Say police in Pakistan overburdened with work but lack facilities, briefed on working of police in different cities.

KARACHI: A group of officers of the New York City Police of Pakistani origin were on a visit to their country of origin and met their counterparts in different cities.

In their interaction with the Pakistani police officers, the NYC police officers said the police in the country were very hard working but lacked resources. They also said that the police have to change its way of dealing with the public to improve its image. They said lack of funds and other facilities were hindering the police in Pakistan in effectively discharging its responsibilities and checking crime.

In a TV program, NYC police detective Ruhail Khalid said that he felt nice meeting police in different cities of Pakistan and looked into their working, especially against criminals, and also gave them some tips.

Lieutenant Muhammad Ishrat said that Pakistan is very safe for firefighters. There is a public impression that New York City is very safe and there are no crimes, which is not the case, he added.

Lieutenant Ihtisham Khan said that he found out that the police in Pakistan was overburdened with work but had very low pay and other facilities. He said that police in America undergo training at different times but this was not the case in Pakistan.

The New York Police officers in their uniforms also visited the mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam in Karachi. They were given a briefing about the working of the police in different cities.

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