Pakistan eased visa regime to facilitate religious tourism: envoy

Masood Khan says our doors are open for Sikh community as we fully understand their religious sentiments.

WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s Ambassador to United States Masood Khan has said the government and the people of Pakistan fully understand religious sentiments of the Sikh community and our doors are open to the Sikh community.

“We will continue to provide all possible facilitation to Sikh community around the world with regards to the visit to their religious places in Pakistan.”

He was interacting with a delegation of the American Punjabi Society that called on him at the embassy of Pakistan.

The President of American Punjabi Society, Gary Sikka, told the Ambassador of Pakistan that the society consists of one hundred thousand Punjabi Sikh members, some of whom are also from Pakistan.

He said that soon a delegation of 115 people of American Punjabi Society would visit Pakistan to visit religious places. The delegation will travel to Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad and Kartarpur.

Members of the delegation, referring to their previous visits, especially their pilgrimage to Kartapur, said that the hospitality of the Pakistani people captivates hearts. Pakistanis have always been extremely hospitable, the observed.

The delegation also thanked the government of Pakistan for facilitating the pilgrimage of the Sikh community to their religious places.

Pakistan Ambassador Masood Khan while welcoming the delegation at the embassy said that the Government and people of Pakistan respect religious sentiments of the Sikh community and we will continue to provide all possible facilities to the Sikh community in this regard.

He said the visa policy regarding religious tourism has been simplified keeping in view religious sentiments of the followers of different faiths, with an aim to provide them maximum facilitation.

He assured the delegation of all possible facilitation during the visit to Pakistan in their visas and visit to different cities of Pakistan.

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