Launch of Road to Makkah project from Karachi soon

Delegation from Saudi Arabia visits Jinnah International Airport to inspect arrangements.

KARACHI: A delegation from Saudi Arabia visited Jinnah International Airport Karachi to inspect arrangements for the launch of the Road to Makkah project.

The two-member delegation was accompanied by the consul general of Saudi Arabia in Karachi. Officials of the Civil Aviation Authority briefed the delegation.

The Road to Makkah project was first launched at Islamabad International Airport to facilitate Haj and Umra pilgrims by providing them immigration and other facilities under one roof at the airport.

The project is now being launched at the Karachi airport on the direction of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Muhammad to facilitate the pilgrims of Sindh.

After being facilitated, the pilgrims could directly reach their places of stay in Makkah without going through the arduous procedures of immigration at Jeddah airport and other entry points in the kingdom.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Saudi Arabia to perform Haj and Umra from Pakistan every year. The Road to Makkah project has greatly helped the pilgrims in travelling to the kingdom without going through the arduous procedures in Jeddah.

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