Man kills three police officers in US city

Suspect also injured five others at his home before being shot dead.

NORTH CAROLINA: A suspect wanted by police opened fire on a police team, killing three of them and injuring five others. 

The suspect was shot dead by the police before he could kill others.

According to the media reports, police had reached the house of the suspect to serve him with a warrant in charge of keeping illegal arms. Instead of receiving the summons, he opened fire on the police team and killed three and injured five of them.

The other policemen shot the suspect dead. Meanwhile, someone else also opened fire on the police from inside the house. The police later entered the premises and arrested a woman and a minor child. 

According to the media reports, the law enforcement agencies have launched an investigation into the incident.

The reports said that US President Joe Biden was briefed about the incident who contacted the governor of the area for an update and expressed shock over the incident.

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