Meetings with prisoners banned for two weeks

PTI assails govt for decision and says its objective is to stop PTI leaders from meeting Imran Khan.

RAWALPINDI: The Punjab government on Tuesday put a two-week ban any visit, meeting with or interview of any prisoner in the Adiala jail Rawalpindi.

In this regard, the home department issued a notification banning the visit and meeting with any prisoner in the jail, including former prime minister Imran Khan.

Moreover, the jail administration has pushed media persons two kilometers away from Gate 5 of the high security prison.

Home Department told the jail administration that “there exist different types of threats to security of Adiala jail as some anti-state terrorist groups supported by the enemies of Pakistan have planned to conduct targeted attacks.

As a security measure against the aforementioned attacks, the department requested the prison chief to stop public visits/meetings/interviews within the Adiala Jail immediately for two weeks.

Later in the evening, when some PTI leaders arrived to meet Imran Khan, they were told that a ban had been imposed by the government.

The PTI leaders criticized the move and said it was aimed at stopping them from meeting with Imran Khan. They said that the PTI protest against rigging will continue. A protest may also be held outside the Adiala jail, they warned.

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