Student protests continue against Israel, its backers

Despite crackdowns, pupils in higher educational institutions in America and UK expose Zionist state's ugly face.

LONDON: Students in higher educational institutions in the UK and other countries in the West continue their protests against Israeli barbarism and atrocities on the people of Palestine. 

While the Zionist state backed shamelessly by its supporters in the West continue killing innocent people and refusing to ceasefire for over seven months, students in these very countries have stood up and exposed their rulers in the world. 

Hundreds of students have been arrested in the US but they did not abandon raising voice for the oppressed people of Palestine especially Gaza.

At the Harvard University, a main hall has been renamed after a Palestinian journalist martyred by Israeli forces in the line of duty. In London, the protesting students University College camp has been  named as Rafah Camp.

In the US, teachers have also joined the students in their protests against the Israeli atrocities in Gaza and the police have launched a crackdown on them but without being successful in silencing their voice.

In Spain, thousands of people took to the streets in protest against the Israeli killings of innocent people including children and women in Gaza and Israeli intransigence to ceasefire and asked the Israeli immigrants to leave their country. 

In Japan, a large number of people held a rally in Tokyo and other cities and asked the Zionist state to stop ethnic cleansing of the people of Palestine.

When the whole world is up in arms against the Israeli barbarism and raising voice against the Zionist state and its backers and in support of the oppressed Palestinians, there is a complete silence in the so-called Muslim world with most of its rulers sitting in the laps of the US.

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