Resolving Kashmir issue responsibility of UN: speakers

Rights activists say Kashmiris are still waiting to get their due right to self-determination as promised by UN over seven decades ago.

GENEVA: Speakers at a seminar in Geneva said people of Kashmir have been waiting to get their due right to self-determination as promised by the UN over seven decades ago.

The seminar hosted by World Muslim Congress was held on sidelines of 55th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

It is the obligation of the UN to get its resolutions implemented to give the right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir otherwise there will be neither peace in South Asia nor in Kashmir. The non-implementation of the resolutions of the Security Council also gives a very wrong impression of the UN as regard to its basic responsibility of peace in the world.  

The role of United Nations in peace-building operations is crucial, especially in the context of addressing rights violations, and this role has been missing in Kashmir where Indian security forces have been involved in blatant rights violations and arbitrary killings of civilian for decades.

The speakers said unresolved disputes have been main cause of unrest and human rights violations and it is responsibility of Human Rights Council to bring perpetrators to justice and make them accountable.

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