Borders don’t guarantee morality

Fariha Afsar

Borders don’t guarantee humanity. It’s been a long time since I have written anything because nothing seemed surprising, shocking or a discovery. Everything felt expected, normal and regular.

But recently I took part in an online course. The very first criterion to be involved in the course was to interact with people from all around the world, who came from colourful, and diverse backgrounds. We had to get familiar with each other, so the start began with the introduction of ourselves. I, being an introvert, felt quite hesitant at first but the cordial environment of the group prompted me to express myself comfortably.

We got to know a lot about each other’s countries, cultures and other related things which a curious mind opts to trace, and the bundle of information and learning we received was beyond expectations. I met with the most amazing people and made many friends. Among them, one of my friends is from India. In this article, I want to talk about him but not indirectly, rather I would like to address him. Here goes a little epistle on his account:

Dear Suri,

I never knew I would meet a friend across the border who would be the clear reflection of a gem. Your nickname “Suri”, which means the sun in Hindi, if I am not wrong, fits perfectly with you. You’re that shining, warm sun of spring, but you give hope unlike the rays of the sun, to others, which is no less than an enlightenment. you are a strong supporter and a courage giver, you respect others’ beliefs and always try your best to assist others. On so many occasions, I almost believed that I was going to fail the course because of the bad internet connection in my area, but you were always there as an epitome of help; your sentence, “Hey, don’t worry, we’ll sort it out” was the moment I felt contented that I would continue the course.

You give your full attention to everything; your remembering small little details about others makes you the best person. You have the power to understand someone, and you’ve so much compassion. Believe me, these words may look like the usual attributes someone could have but fewer people in this world have them because maybe making judgments and having cruelty is quite easy.

You’re a humble and down-to-earth person, which makes you a reliable and friendly individual. Adding to that your good humour makes others have a hearty laugh. You have an openness to learning which has always made me view you as a knowledge-loving person. You acknowledge that knowledge should be taken from every well found in the short yet long stretch land of life.

I wanted to write this article for so long but the completion of the course felt like the perfect moment to express my thanks. It’s a huge regret that people believe the political hustle and bustle which makes them hostile against each other. Till now I was hesitant to make a good opinion of the people from the neighbour country, but knowing you changed my perception. I realized that what really matters in this world is “HUMANITY”. We shouldn’t be looking for differences in others rather we should pay attention and appreciation to attribute like you have. You’ve become the reason someone’s mind-set has changed.

Thank you so much Suri, for being there in times of dire need. For never making me feel different, and for always believing in me. It’s the belief, most of the times which prompts others to give their best, to fight till last breath and to use their utmost potentials. I am grateful for your friendship, for the huge care, for your “UNDERSTANDING”.

Meeting people so far has made me realized the importance of gentleness and understanding. I think as human beings we want ourselves to be understood, if not completely then a little bit. Ethical values are not reserved for a specific group of people, we can find them in those who have the right sense of behaviour, who knows what “compassion” really means and when it’s needed. The world requires plethora of it and no one is born with these attributes, they can be acquired, accepted and implemented.

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