IMF asks Pakistan to double tax on salaried class

Also wants to slash number of slabs and impose tax on mon-salaried persons.

ISLAMABAD: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) seems not in a mood to stop dictating Pakistan to run the economic and financial affairs of the country on its terms and conditions.

It has now demanded that the government should double the taxes on the salaried class from the forthcoming budget. The lender also wants to slash number of slabs from seven to four besides imposing tax on mon-salaried persons.

The international lender has estimated that the Federal Board of Revenue can generate 30 billion rupees from the salaried class and if the non-salaried class is also brought under the tax bet an additional two billion rupees can be added to the tax revenue.

A government official said that instead of controlling its unecessary expenditures and luxuries, the successive governments in Pakistan have been tightening the noose around the salaried class who were already hit hard by unprecedented inflation in the country.

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