Women awarded for remarkable achievements

It's about acknowledging the resilience, innovation, and determination of women entrepreneurs, says Canadian high commissioner.

ISLAMABAD: An event was held to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable achievements of women who have demonstrated exceptional resilience and emerged as successful entrepreneurs, was held at a local hotel.

Kashf Women Entrepreneurship Awards 2024 were given at the event organized by the Kashf Foundation. Canadian High Commissioner Leslie Scanlon, emphasized, while speaking on the occasion said, “Today isn’t just about awards; it’s about acknowledging the resilience, innovation, and determination of women entrepreneurs driving our economies forward. Each story we hear reflects the extraordinary achievements of women who have dared to dream, overcome challenges, and become agents of change.”

Together, we’ve paved a path that not only breaks barriers but also empowers women to turn their dreams into reality, the high commissioner added.

Kashf Foundation has collaborated with Global Affairs Canada for a transformative 5-Year project titled Promoting Gender Inclusive and Equitable Growth – Women’s Economic Empowerment & Recovery. This initiative aims to foster the economic potential of women micro-entrepreneurs in Pakistan by addressing the multifaceted challenges they face within their households and communities through a series of interventions, including but not limited to, capacity building business and financial management trainings, maternal and reproductive health trainings, social advocacy, and public service campaigns.

Speaking on gender equality, Roshaneh Zafar, Founder & Managing Director Kashf Foundation, commented on the importance of equal pay for women and highlighted the significant amount of impact it will have on Pakistan’s economy. “To bring about the desired change we need to evaluate the role of women in leadership roles, ensure access to healthcare facilities, and appreciate the unconditional support they offer at homes along with their jobs and professional responsibilities.” 

Roshaneh elaborated the larger vision of the Kashf Foundation, “The role of women contributes to the overall upliftment of households. When a woman is educated and earns for the house, she contributes holistically to the entire community.” She thanked the Canadian government for promoting gender-inclusive and equitable growth in Pakistan.

During the event, five videos produced by Kashf Foundation, with support from Global Affairs Canada as part of their third public awareness campaign on Child Marriage, were showcased. These videos highlighted the consequences of child marriage on young girls, leading to heightened vulnerability to various forms of abuse and violence, and depriving girls of a secure childhood, quality education, and economic prospects.

The winners in 10 diverse categories included: Allah Mafi for Heritage Craft Preservation and Entrepreneurship, Nargis Naseem for Women Livestock Entrepreneurship, Fozia for Persistent Powerhouse Awards, Hira Asghar for Innovative Entrepreneur Award winner, Rukhsana Bibi for Community Catalyst Award, Nighat Sultana for Kashf School Sarmaya Award, Saba for Young Women Entrepreneur of the Year, Hamdan Bibi for Climate Resilience & Sustainability, Fareeda Sajid for Resilience Architect, and Syeda Naila Hamdani for Champion of Women’s Rights.

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