11 more ‘terrorists’ hanged in Iraq

Amnesty International says Iraqi authorities must immediately halt such executions.

BUGHDAD: As many as 11 people were hanged for terrorism after they were convicted by court of the charges in the southern city of Nasiriyah in Dhi Qar province.

Iraqi authorities on Monday executed by hanging 11 people convicted of “terrorism”, security and health sources told AFP, the second such group put to death since late April.

The convicts were executed in the Al-Hut prison, security officials told a foreign news agency on condition of anonymity on Tuesday.

This was second such group put to death since late April when 13 people were hanged for terrorism, according to the officials.

Amnesty International had said that Iraqi authorities must halt all executions after at least 13 men were put to death on 22 April in Nasiriyah Central Prison, in the southern governorate of Thi Qar, following their conviction on overly broad and vague terrorism charges.

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