Heatwave, power outages add to public miseries

Residents of Karachi, Hyderabad, Quetta and many other cities endure hours-long power cuts amid scorching heat.

KARACHI: Prolonged power outages in the city and its suburbs amid a heatwave have made life miserable with many areas reporting shortage of water as well.

The residents said that as the heatwave hit the metropolis, power outages increased with the KElectric officials unable even to receive calls from complainants. Residents said that their areas were without electricity for 12 hours a day while in the peripheries the duration was as long as 14 hours.

While a severe heatwave has hit Punjab, even the provincial capital of Lahore is facing power outages of up to three to four hours. The situation in small towns and villages is worse. 

In Balochistan, the situation was also the same with Quetta remaining without power for eight to 10 hours daily. Most of the towns in the province were facing 14 to 27 hours of outages.

Meanwhile, the district health office in Islamabad has directed all health facilities in the federal capital to set up heatwave response centers to deal with rising cases of heat and sun strokes.

The health centers have been asked to stock essential supplies and keep the staff on standby. the centers will remain open seven days a week till the temperatures subside.

The health office also asked residents to take precautions and avoid necessary exposure to the sun and take plenty of water and other liquids. In case of a sunstroke, the affected person should visit the nearest medical center.    

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