IUCN, COMSTECH join hands for sustainable development

Both the organizations will collaborate alongside academia to advance the green agenda, says MoU.

ISLAMABAD: IUCN Pakistan and COMSTECH  have signed a memorandum of understanding on conservation and sustainable development.

Both organizations have united their efforts to craft a comprehensive conservation policy framework tailored specifically for the Least Developed Countries among the OIC member states, for building their capacity in the climate change and environmental aspects.

Both the organizations will collaborate alongside academia to advance the green agenda, particularly within universities across OIC member states. They will continue to work together to up-scale climate-resilient initiatives and share knowledge products, jointly observe days of environmental significance. Strengthening regional collaboration among OIC member states is also a priority.

Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary, Mustafa (PBUH) Prize Laureate, H.I., S.I., T.I. and Coordinator General of COMSTECH, emphasized in his opening remarks the organization’s commitment in fostering science and technology cooperation among OIC member states.

He highlighted the importance of enhancing their capabilities through training in emerging fields, as well as implementing resolutions set forth by the OIC. Recognizing the urgency of conservation efforts and the significant focus within OIC member states on capacity building and climate change solutions, he underscored the pivotal role this new partnership would play in addressing this pressing challenge.

Mr. Mahmood Akhtar Cheema, Country Representative, IUCN Pakistan, viewed this as an auspicious opportunity to align conservation efforts between Pakistan and OIC member states.

He emphasized that the planning of future activities would be centered on IUCN’s Nature 2030 program. Furthermore, he underscored the value of initiatives such as faculty exchanges, training sessions, and annual foundation meetings, which would facilitate cross-learning and enhance the conservation knowledge of OIC member states. These efforts, he noted, would better equip member states to effectively advocate for conservation interests at regional forums.

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