Russia hopes Pakistan will adhere to stated policy on Ukraine: envoy

Islamabad has assured Moscow that no third-party supply of arms would take place to Ukraine, says Ambassador Albert Khorev.

Farhan Hameed Qaiser

ISLAMABAD: Russian Ambassador to Pakistan Albert Khorev addressed concerns surrounding the alleged supply of Pakistani arms to Ukraine through a third party.

The ambassador stated that Islamabad had assured Moscow that no such third-party supply would take place.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Ambassador Khorev expressed Moscow’s hope that Pakistan would continue to adhere to its established policy, emphasizing that media reports on the matter remained unconfirmed. He noted the strained perceptions from the West regarding the growing cooperation between Pakistan and Russia.

Acknowledging Pakistan’s independent stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the ambassador conveyed gratitude to the Pakistani government for abstaining from anti-Russia voting at the United Nations.

He highlighted Russia’s ongoing efforts to seek consensus for conflict resolution and emphasized the importance of Ukraine lifting restrictions on consultation with Russia for meaningful progress.

Addressing the complexity of the conflict, Ambassador Khorev drew attention to alleged secret activities involving the US army in Ukraine and urged for a thorough investigation. He emphasized the need for impartial reporting by the media on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and emphasized that there is no set duration or deadline for the Russian armed operation.

Reflecting on events ten years ago, the ambassador discussed the political crisis in Ukraine, highlighting the West’s support for extremist elements and the subsequent foundation of anarchy and division. He underscored that the situation in Ukraine could have been controlled, but the failure to adhere to agreements led to internal instability.

Ambassador Khorev expressed the expectation that Pakistan would maintain its policy towards the Russia-Ukraine conflict. He clarified that Russia’s military operation in Ukraine coincided with the visit of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, dismissing any external influence on Pakistan’s internal affairs.

The embassy of the Russian Federation called for continued cooperation and diplomatic engagement to address the complexities surrounding the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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