BNP-M withdraw its coalition with PTI-led federal govt

Our party is ending the alliance, But will remain in Parliament: Akhter Mengal

ISLAMABAD: Sardar Akhter Mengal of BNP-M on Wednesday has announced its withdrawal from coalition with federal government over failure to implement its accord with BNP.

While speaking to session of National Assembly, Mengal officially announced that “our party is ending this coalition. But we will remain in parliament and will keep talking about issues”.

He said, after 2018 election at the occasion of goverment formation and during the presidential selection, PTI had signed two agreements, but not implemented a single accord yet. “In the case of illegal and unconstitutional demands, we are ready to face even death” Akhter added.

BNP Chairman said “But those will face the same who have put their signatures on these accords”.

Moreover, he said the decision came out after many party’s central executive committee meetings. “The death squad in Balochistan have been reactivated and the law and order situation is worsening there” he added.

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