‘Groundbreaking’ women empowering project launched

SPARC says initiative aims to address the unique challenges faced by women and girls.

ISLAMABAD: The Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC) launched its latest initiative, Empowering women and girls project, with the support of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL).

This project aims to address the unique challenges faced by women and girls, providing them with essential resources, support networks, and opportunities for a brighter future.

The project is a holistic initiative meticulously designed to confront the distinct obstacles encountered by females in Pakistan. Inclusivity forms the foundation of this project, nurturing an environment that not just acknowledges but embraces diversity, empowering individuals to realize their full potential.

During the launch event, Executive Director of SPARC Asiya Arif Khan stressed the significance of collective action in combating gender-based violence and encouraged stakeholders to participate in initiatives that foster a safer and more inclusive educational environment for everyone. She reaffirmed SPARC’s dedication to promoting educational equality and combating gender-based challenges in the community, inviting all stakeholders to join hands in this crucial endeavor to empower women and girls and build a better future for all.

Frances Ferreira, Senior Adviser at COL, praised the engagement and backing of community leaders, project partners, and financial institutions in bringing this ambitious endeavor to fruition, highlighting the transformative impact of collaboration in fortifying communities.

“It is only through partnerships and collaboration that we can transform our communities,” she said.

“I am pleased to witness the dedication of community leaders, project partners, and financial institutions towards achieving this common goal.”

Anbreen Ajaib, Executive Director of Bedari, emphasized that empowering women economically and ensuring girls’ access to education are pivotal not only for women’s empowerment but also for bolstering the country’s economy.

Representatives from the National Commission on Child Rights, Women Protection Commission, women police, Benazir Income Support Program, and local NGOs and INGOs were among the distinguished attendees at the event.

Their presence further emphasized the collective commitment to advancing the rights and opportunities of women and girls in Pakistan.

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