Digital terrorism, its foreign backers will be defeated: army

Formation commanders conference stresses need to bring perpetrators of May 9 to justice.

RAWALPINDI: The army high command has stated that digital terrorism being perpetrated by anti-state elements and their foreign proxies will be defeated by unity of the nation.

The 83rd formation commanders conference was held with Chief of Army Staff General Asim Munir to discuss the overall geo-strategic situation.

According to the ISPR, the participants of the conference said that untill the perpetrators of May 9 vandalism were brought to justice the country would remain hostage at the hands of conspirators. 

It said that the nation was well aware of the elements behind the digital terrorism and propaganda by elements and their foreign proxies. The propaganda and army-targeted drive is aimed at creating despondency among the masses.

The army chief paid tribute to the officers and Jawans taking part in different operations and laying down their lives for the defense of the country. Fateha was also offered for the martyrs.

The conference also expressed concern over terror activities in different parts of the country being carried out by fugitives elements hiding in Afghanistan.

The conference also discussed the overall situation on the eastern and western borders and expressed concerns over Indian oppression on minorities and Muslims. It condemned the Indian forces’ brutalities in occupied Kashmir.

The participants also condemned Israeli aggression in Gaza and expressed complete solidarity with the people of Palestine.

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