Govt set to further increase power tariff from next month

Regulator seeks approval for hiking tariff by Rs3.28 per unit from October to March.

ISLAMABAD: While inflation-hit consumers were reeling under the inflated electricity bills of last two months, the power regulator on Friday came up with a proposal to increase the tariff by another Rs3.28 per unit from October to March. 

Last months masses took to the streets after receiving highly inflated power bills. To cool down the tempers, the government promised some relief and later made an excuse that the relief would be announced after consulting the IMF. However, instead of coming up any relief, the government further jacked up the tariff. As it was not enough, the federal energy minister announced that soon the tariff for gas would also be revised under the diktat of the IMF.   

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority on Friday said on requests form distribution companies for periodic adjustment in the tariff for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2022-23, the revision in power tariff was being sent to federal government.

It added that the same terms would apply to K-Electric (KE) consumers as per the federal government’s policy guidelines for the authority to determine the same tariff rationalization for KE consumers as consumers of XWDiscos with the same application period.

A consumer in Islamabad told News Diplomacy that rising cost of living had made the life of the common man miserable and frequent increase in rates of petroleum products, gas and electricity would rendered the masses pauper and unable to manage their kitchen. He said for the last one month prices of petroleum were being increased that has caused hike in prices of food items.

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