Inflation issue exaggerated, consumers have to pay bills: Kakar

Blames electrity issue for unfavorable contracts with IPPs during 90s.

ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar says we have closely monitored the electricity bills issue under a solution-based approach and trying to resolve it without defiance of international monetary agreements.

Talking to media person in Islamabad on Thursday, he said consumers have to pay their bills as there was no shortcut solution.

This issue has become longstanding as a result of unfavorable contracts with IPPs during 90s, inefficient bills recovery process and bad transmission lines.

The Prime Minister regretted that since many decades we remained unable to plan increase in hydel production and the increased dependency on imported fuel for power generation multiplied the electricity cost.

He said best possible professionals have been included in the cabinet to deal with prevailing crucial challenges including economy and defence.

The Prime Minister categorically refuted the impression being circulated on social media regarding exploitation of masses through electricity bills and other taxes. He also claimed that price hikes have been exaggerated.

Reaffirming his resolve to work hard for the betterment of the country, he urged media to equip itself in relevant departments for informed opinion that can improve country’s economy.

Kakar said we believe in the resolution of issue instead of delaying it and for this purpose we are trying to diagnose the real problem behind economic crisis.

Counting on some identified areas of economic issue, he said the non-productive investment is leading to stagnation, therefore, no subsidy will be offered to any such investment sectors.

Regarding terrorism, the Prime Minister said Pakistan always stressed for responsible withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan, but unfortunately the rush withdrawal enhanced the capacity of terrorists to fight which is effecting the whole region including Pakistan.

Reassuring the protection of every inch of country, he reiterated that we will resist every threat.

The Prime Minister further said our major task is to assist Election commission to conduct free and fair elections following the regional standards and we will fulfill it responsibly. 

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