Monitoring teams formed to protect forests in KP

Minister says ban imposed on cutting of forests and transportation of timber.

PESHAWAR: A ban has been imposed in cutting of forest and transportation of timber in the province of Khyber Pakthunkhwa.

Minister for Forests Fazle Karim Khan said that teams have been formed to monitor for monitoring and protection of forests in the province.
The minister said that tree plantation would be carried out at a larger scale to increase forest cover in the province.
It may be mentioned here that despite government claims timber mafia has been active in cutting green trees and smuggling of timber in the province.
While billions of rupees have been spent on the tsunami afforestation programme, the government’s own policy of cutting trees for commercial use is helping the timber mafia in denuding Chitral of its green forest cover, according to official documents.
Under the policy, the trees that are damaged due to strong winds or heavy snow can be marked and cut down in consultation with the local communities for commercial use.
But taking cover of the policy, green and healthy trees are axed by the timber mafia in connivance with government officials concerned and sold in the urban areas.

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