Nawaz becomes PML-N president again after six years

says Saqib Nisar's verdict to permanently remove from party post has been thrown into the dustbin by party workers. 

LAHORE: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif was on Tuesday elected as president of the PML-N six years after being disqualified by Supreme Court of Pakistan in the Panama leak case.

Speaking at a general council meeting of the party, Nawaz Sharif said that then chief justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar had removed him from the party post for ever, but today his verdict has been thrown into the dustbin by the party workers. 

He said during his tenure unemployment was being eliminated along with power outages in 2016. When the country was put on the track of development and progress, a plan was made in London to remove my government, he added. 

The PML-N chief said a meeting of a general along with Imran Khan, Pervez Ilahi and and a cleric who had come from Canada was held in London where the conspiracy to topple the PML-N government was hatched. Soon afterwards, a series of rallies and long marches were started, but the government continued working on its agenda of development. 

Later, Mr Nawaz added, he was removed through a court verdict. “Why was the decision made and for what reason? That Nawaz didn’t take a salary from his son.”

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