Pakistan moving towards political stability, economic growth: envoy

Masood Khan and New York Mayor Eric Adams together raise flags of United States and Pakistan.

NEW YORK: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan has reaffirmed that Pakistan is moving towards political stability and economic growth.

He was addressing a gathering of Pakistani diaspora at a flag hoisting ceremony held at Bowling Green, along with Mayor New York City Eric Adams and senior city officials.

The Ambassador encouraged Pakistani Americans, especially New Yorkers, to participant in Pakistan’s growth and making it stronger nation. He also urged them to keep helping Pakistan and keep investing back in Pakistan.

He said your contributions would bring around a huge radical transformation in Pakistan.

Masood Khan said you are a catalyst for Pakistan’s economic growth and success, as well as for building bridges between Pakistan and the United States.

Acknowledging the contributions of Pakistani Americans, he said they were already doing a great job by investing in Pakistan but they needed to scale up these investments in many sectors, particularly in mining, in agriculture, in tech startups, in manufacturing, in services industry.

Predicting a bright future of the country, the Ambassador said there is no room for despair, despondency. Pakistan is your motherland. And that strong bond with Pakistan can never ever be severed. That will remain in your DNA.

Masood Khan said Pakistan is a resilient country. It has done well in the past. It looks towards a brighter future. And you can be the architects of that bright future too.

Advising community members not to pay attention to rumor mongering, fake fables and false narratives, he told the gathering that Pakistani Americans remitted $3 billion during past fiscal year. The amount was the same as remitted during the previous year.

He said many Gulf countries and Americans, American firms and corporate entities were investing in Pakistan. You can be participants in that exercise.

The Ambassador said Pakistan would have an impressive growth rate.

“We will take off and we want Pakistani American community in general and New Yorkers living here in New York City to be part of that experience to be part of that undertaking.”

Masood Khan thanked Mayor Eric Adams and city administration of New York for integrating Pakistani diaspora into the fabric of New York City.

Noting that New York City was the biggest US metropolis and also one of the biggest Metropolis cities of the world with a population of nearly 10 million with a GDP of $2 trillion, the Ambassador said it’s an impressive economy that is nurtured by Americans, Pakistani American and other diaspora communities every year.

Welcoming the Ambassador to the city, Mayor New York City Eric Adams highlighted the efforts being made to integrate rich diversity of the city into all walks of life. He said he believed in the power of diversity and considered it as an effective tool to create requisite synergies for realizing the goals of American experience.

He also paid tribute to a Pakistani American Police Officer Adeed Fayyaz for his ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

Ms Jenifer Rajkumar, member of the New York State Assembly from the 38th district, speaking on the occasion, congratulated Pakistani community on 76th Independence anniversary of Pakistan.

The first Pakistani-American Deputy Inspector of the New York Police Adeel Rana highlighted representation of Pakistani American in NY city government and stressed even greater role for the youngsters in every field.

Muslim Women Liaison for Mayor, Ms. Atiya Shahnaz highlighted the struggle and sacrifices of women leaders like Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, Begum Rana Liaqat Ali, Lady Haroon, Salma Tassaduq Ali during independence movement.

She also noted positive contributions being made by members of Pakistani diaspora.

Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office for the prevention of hate crimes, Hassan Naveed said that flag raising ceremony in NYC recognized and honored the heritage and tradition and celebrated the culture of our people, of our communities overall.

Commissioner Manuel Castro, Commissioner of the NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, in his remarks applauded American Pakistani Advocacy Group, Pakistani American Youth Organization, Pakistani American Law Enforcement Society, American Council Minority Women, Pakistani American Skilled Women Organization, Islamic Circle of North America and the Council of People’s Organization for their support to Pakistani diaspora in the New York City.

Edward Mermelstein, New York City’s Commissioner for International Affairs, said that the flag hoisting ceremony was being observed to honor the rich history and culture of Pakistan and the Pakistani New Yorkers, a group that has made a significant contribution to New York City.

The ceremony was organized by the office of NYC Mayor, American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee and American Pakistani Advocacy Group.

Ambassador Masood Khan and Mayor Eric Adams together raised the flags of United States and Pakistan to the cheering crowd. The ceremony was watched by nearly two hundred Pakistani Americans and city officials.

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