PMDC makes NOC mandatory for medical education abroad

Says students desiring admission to medical colleges in China, Central Asia etc., would have to take NOC from this year.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Medical and Dental Council has decided to make no-objection certificate (NOC) mandatory for students going abroad for medical education.

In a statement, the PMDC said that students desiring to go to different countries such as China and Central Asian states from this year for MBBS and BDS studies would have to obtain the NOC from the council.

The NOC will not be issued to students for admission to any college in these countries not recognized by the PMDC.

It said that every year over 3,000 students, 30 percent of them girls, go to China, Central Asia and Afghanistan for acquiring medical education. 

The PMDC said that it has made the NOC mandatory in order to save students from getting admission to unauthorized medical colleges.

The recent mobs attacks on foreign students in Kyrgyzstan also prompted the council to take the decision as a large number of students demanded adjustment in medical colleges in Pakistan after returning home. 

It may be mentioned here that after being unable to get admission in medical colleges in Pakistan due to tough competition, many students move to China and other countries for medical education.

However, upon their return the PMDC does not recognize the degrees of most of them.

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