PTI disappointed with US stance on Imran’s arrest

We have approached members of House Foreign Affairs Com­mittee, urging them to visit Pakistan, says Atif Khan.

WASHINGTON: PTI supporters in the US are very disappointed with Washington’s reluctance to take a strong position on Imran Khan’s arrest.

They now want a congressional delegation to visit Pakistan and share their experience with the Biden administration.

“We have approached members of the House Foreign Affairs Com­mittee, urging them to visit Pakis­tan,” said Atif Khan, a California Democrat and the PTI chairman’s adviser for overseas Pakistanis.

Since former prime minister Imran Khan’s ouster in April 2022, the Biden administration has been consistently refusing to comment on the political situation in Pakistan, calling it an internal matter.

In his latest statement on Pakistan, State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller acknowledged that Washington has expressed its opinion on some cases around the world, but it would not do so on Imran Khan’s Aug 5 conviction and subsequent arrest.

“At times there are cases … that are so obviously unfounded that the United States believes it should say something about the matter. We have not made that determination here,” he said.

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