Sports reporters’ body removes chairman for financial ‘irregularities’

General body meeting abolishes post of chairman, elects new office-bearers.

ISLAMABAD: An emergency general body meeting of Rawalpindi Islamabad Sports Journalists Association (RISJA) was held under the chairmanship of Abbas Shabbir here at media center, Pakistan Sports Board, Islamabad. 

In the meeting held under the one-point agenda, chairman RISJA Abdul Mohi Shah and member Afzal Javed were suspended from their posts for illegal activities against the constitution and alleged financial irregularities.

And with the unanimous approval of the house, it was decided to remove the post of chairman RISJA from the constitution.

The meeting formed an inquiry committee consisting of the senior officials Mohsen Ejaz, Faheem Akhtar Malik and Maria Rajput to audit and review the funds released by the Pakistan Sports Board and other sports federations.

Mohsin Ejaz was unanimously elected as new President RISJA while Kashif Abbasi as Secretary, Arif Mehmood as SVP and Maria Rajput as Secretary Finance and M Hussain was appointed as Information Secretary.

The meeting rejected the plea of Abdul Mohi Shah and Afzal Javed, declaring them guilty and handed over the matter to the committee for further action.

The meeting was attended by Arif Mehmood Khan, Rana Abid Mustafa, Ayaz Akbar, Zahid Yaqub Kh, Nasir Naqvi, Abbas Shabbir, Maria Rajput, Kashif Abbasi, Mohsen Ejaz, Hafiz Obaidul Rahman, Rana Tanveer, Javed Khan, M Usman, Nadeem Faisal Bega, Naveed Khokhar, Asghar Ali Mubarak, Rizwan Ghalzai, Allah Noor, Zubair Ali Khan, Faheem Akhtar Malik, Dr Faisal Shahzad Sahi and Raja Sohail Mehmood.

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