Tribute paid to late Ambassador Yusuf Buch

Press release

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Dr. Waleed Rasool, Sardar Zulfiqar Roshan Khan and Qadar Chang visited the grave of Ambassador Yusuf Buch in Muzaffarabad who was the most recognizable authority on Kashmir freedom struggle.

Dr. Fai related the details of the contract of funeral services which Ambassador Buch signed with Makki Masjid Brooklyn, New York.

The details of the contract of funeral were very insightful. 

As the contract included the details regarding funeral home, basic arrangements for funeral, ritual washing, Ghusal and embalming, supervision for funeral service, and hearse to cemetery.

He even mentioned in the contract that “Dr. Fai has signified that he will make himself available for consultations on any question that may arise.”

The contract was concluded with these words, “These are the earthly considerations relating to my life’s end. But its greater reality will be in the transcendental dimension.

In that context, my soul derives comfort from the belief that the participants in my funeral — whether few or many – will be performing an act of the kind that is known to have earned the pleasure of the beloved Founder of our Faith – Prophet Muhammad. Its reward lies only with Allah.” 

Inna Lillahe Wainna Illaihe Rajioon 

May Allah place the soul of Ambassador Yusuf Buch in Jannatul Firdous! Ameen.

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