US condemns restrictions during polls in Pakistan

State Department spokesperson says we have already expressed our concerns along with EU about irregularities in elections 2024

WASHINGTON: The United States of America once again expressed its concerns about the irregularities in the recent elections in Pakistan and said the law of the land should take its course regarding probe into the allegations. 

During a routine press briefing, State Department spokesperson Mathew Miller was asked about the poll irregularities in Pakistan. In reply, he said the US had already expressed its concerns along with the European Union and that investigations should be conducted under the Pakistani laws. 

He also expressed concerns about the restrictions placed on some candidates and a party and especially referred to the disruptions made to internet and mobile phone connections that he said left a very negative impact on the process.

He said that the US wants the claims of interfere and fraud in the elections properly investigate.

Moreover, Washington was  closely monitoring the situation and there have also been demand by some US lawmakers to President Joe Biden not to accept the results of the polls till an investigation is conducted into the allegations.

The spokesperson also said that the mandate go given by the people of Pakistan should be respected, adding the US supports democratic dispensation and would like to work with an elected government.

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