World peace moot demanded to resolve Palestine issue

Mahmoud Abbas also calls UN to implement its resolution to protect Palestinians.

NEW YORK: The United Nations (UN) was on Thursday urged to call an international  conference to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and restore peace in the Middle East that would gave ramifications for the whole world.

The demand was made by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas while addressing the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly. 

President Abbas also called upon the world forum to implement its own resolutions to provide protection to the Palestinian people from the constant aggression of the Israeli  occupation army and the terrorist settlers.

It may be noted that Israeli military forces have martyred scores of Palestinians and demolished their houses besides jailing hundreds of others.

The long-standing issue lingers as the Israeli aggression is ignored by the West, especially the USA. 

Besides Palestine, the issue of Kashmir has been on the agenda of the UN for over three decades, but the world looks the other way when it comes to atrocities by Indian occupying forces in the area.

Unless the two burning issues are resolved to the satisfaction of the affected people of Palestine and Kashmir, the very objective of the establishment of the UN will remain elusive.

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