A letter to US President on Modi’s visit

I am writing to you about the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. When he came to see you in the Oval Office, he opened his arm and wanted to hug you.

Thankfully, you were wise and did not reciprocate. Please be careful. This man has double face and dual personality. When he comes to see you, he behaves subservient to you and like a servant. When he goes back to India, he is the same cruel and Hindu supremacist.

When he was the chief minister of the province of Gujarat with his tacit approval, Muslims were killed in a train. The case was never brought to justice, and he was not accused of the approval. When he became the Prime Minister of India, he openly declared Hindu supremacy. Since the country has a huge majority of Hindus, he enjoyed popularity.

In Hindu supremacy means that all the other religions such as Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and others will be second class citizen below the level of Supreme Hindus. Even now, Kashmir, which is a disputed land it’s 80% of Muslims are living in a concentration camp, with the huge presence of Indian Army.

The United Nations resolution of 1947-1948 about Kashmir states that there should be a plebiscite in Kashmir, but it never happened. Mr. Modi is only happy when he is on the receiving end.

You may check the record that India since 1947 has never voted in favor of the United States. They always voted in favor of the Soviet Union.

Mr. President, from one grandfather to another, we love you. We pray for you. Please continue the good work and help our country.


Dr Mahmud Bangash.

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