Afghan regime told to at least condemn terrorism in Pakistan: Syrus

Senate committee told that Pakistani passport issued to wife of Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik.

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Secretary Muhammad Sajjad Syrus Qazi on Thursday briefed the Senate standing in on foreign affairs about Indian barbarism in occupied Kashmir.

He said the occupying forces were not only violating human rights but also silencing popular voices by imprisoning Kashmiri leaders on fake and concocted cases.

He said that one of the Kashmiri leaders To Yasin Malik was languishing in the Indian jail and had been sentenced to death. He said Pakistan has issued passport to the wife of Yasin Malik.

About Afghanistan, the foreign secretary said Kabul did not attend the Doha meeting this time. He said Pakistan had told the Afghan regime to at least condemn terrorism incidents in Pakistan which were carried out by terrorists based in Afghanistan.

He said that Pakistan has cordial relations with both Russia and Ukraine that have been at war.

The foreign secretary also said that an officer of the Foreign Office posted to Stockholm was called back for issuing visas from his home. The officer is now under the custody of the Federal Investigation Agency.

He also said that Russia was going to recorganize the Taliban regime in Kabul. Moreover, the foreign secretary said, Pakistan has applied for membership of BRICS group of countries 

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