PTI to hold intra-party election on March 3

Nomination papers will be accepted by party central office on Feb 23 and 24.

ISLAMABAD: After being cornered by the Election Commission of Pakistan for not holding its intra-party election in accordance with the law, the PTI has announced to re-conduct the polls on March 3.

According to an announcement, nomination papers will be accepted by party’s central office on Feb 23 and 24. Scrutiny of the papers will be carried out on February 25 and final list of candidates will be ready on February 27.

Polling for the election of the office-bearers will be held at the PTI central and provincial offices.

Before the general elections on February 8, the PTI informed the Election Commission of Pakistan that it had conducted its intra-party election and elected Gohar Ali Khan as chairman in place of Imran Khan.

However, the commission rejected the results saying the election was not held in accordance with the law.

The commission then took back the election symbol of ‘Bat’ from the PTI and its candidates contested the February 8 general elections as independent candidates on different symbols.

Now in order to avail the reserved seats in assemblies the PTI members have joined the Sunni Ittehad Council.

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