EU tightens noose around human smugglers, 19 arrested in Spain

Suspects were involved in transporting illegal migrants to Europe after taking money from them.

BARCELONA: The European countries have tightened the noose around human smugglers and netted 19 people who were involved in smuggling illegal imigrants to Europe after taking heavy amount of money from them. 

The latest arrests were made by the Spain police in coordination with their German counterpart and the Europol. 

The gang was involved in smuggling people from poor and war-torn countries to Spain, Germany and Norway, the authorities said.

They used to charge each illegal migrant at least 20,000 euroes and they traversed the land as well as air routes from Africa and Asia to smuggle the people seeking greener pastures in Europe.

When rounded up, the human smugglers had collected about 2.5 million euroes from the illegal migrants mostly from Syria.

The police in Spain said they have now eliminated the network of the human smugglers in the country be arresting its members from different cities. 

Moreover, the Spain National Police also seized 9,840 euros, five vehicles and mobile forensic devices during raids on the hideouts of the human smugglers.

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