Four with Pakistani passports arrested for supplying arms to Yemen’s Houthis

A total of 14 persons are in US custody and being questioned.

WASHINGTON: At least 14 people, including four having identity documents of Pakistan, are in the custody of US law enforcement agencies, on the charge of supplying arms to Yemen’s Houthis.

According to media reports, the US agencies arrested 14 people from sea near Somalia on January 11 this year along with arms, including ballistic missiles, that the group was planning to supply to the Houthis of Yemen. 

The four men carrying Pakistani passports were identified as Muhammad Pehlwan, Izhar Muhammad, Muhammad Mazhar and Ghufran Ullah. The 10 others have not been identified. 

The US authorities said that the suspects to taken into custody were shipping Iranian arms to the Houthis for targeting American and other ships.

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