JI Karachi leader returns assembly seat

Says I had lost but was declared winner after rigging results.

KARACHI: Jamaat e Islami Karachi emir Naeemur Rehman stunned his supporters as well as opponents by refusing to accept a seat of the provincial assembly after he was declared winner.

Addressing a press conference, Rehman said according to Form 45 he had scored a little over 26,000 votes but a few hours later he was declared the winner with 32,000 votes.

He said this was dishonesty and theft of someone else’s votes which he would not accept.

“When I estimated that there was a difference of a few hundred votes, I asked my team for each and every Form [45]. When we checked, we found out that the ECP had shown fewer votes for us but as I did not succeed, I forfeit this seat,” he said.

He said the seat had been won by a PTI candidate who scored 200 more votes than him.

He claimef that PTI-backed independent candidate Saif Bari had won according to his team’s calculations, stating that his votes were “reduced to 11,000 from 31,000, according to a report.”

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