Mardan city plagued by public issues

WAPDA's meter readers are adding to consumers' woes, say residents.

MARDAN: The second largest city of the Khyber Pakthunkhwa province – Mardan – is faced with a myriad of issues such as lack of cleanliness, drinking water.

The supply of electricity and gas, the basic needs of human life, was erratic before but now meter readers have added to the problems of the people.

Unannounced loadshedding of 16 to 18 hours during 24 hours in urban areas has made the life of the people miserable. In this situation, when the meter reader comes to take monthly readings, they automatically load the closed meters due to the power cuts by WAPDA. Then when the consumers receive the electricity bills, they have to go round the WAPDA offices gor correction in the inflated bills.

Earlier in the daytime in urban areas, there was electricity loadshedding every one hour but now unannounced power cutsĀ  from 11pm to 11am have become routine.

Politicians claiming to work for resolving public issues were busy preparing for elections and now the situation is that the winners of the elections are still busy in receiving congratulations and have forgotten the issues. On the other hand, those who lost the election have completely disappeared from the scene.

The third class is the people who have no choice but to stumble from door to door what is the function of the officer-shahi class in this poor city like Pakistan, to solve the problems of the people by taking care of a little injury is a far-fetched thing, not even asking about these problems.

People are badly trapped in the circle of these two departments. They have demanded that urgent steps should be taken to resolve issues being faced by people of Mardan.

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