Shutter-down strike as Modi visits occupied Kashmir

Kashmiris say Modi through his visit trying to hoodwink the world about situation in occupied territory.

SRINAGAR: A shutter-down strike is being observed as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting occupied Jammu and Kashmir. 

During the visit that started on June 20, the Indian prime minister inaugurated several development projects in the region. This is Modi’s first visit to the disputed territory after taking oath of office for the third time.

Tight security has been put in place with deployment of more troops and police in the region. 

In protest against the visit, the All Parties Hurriyet Conference gave a call for the shutter-down strike in the area. Moreover, Kashmiris on social media condemned the visit.

Through banners and statements, the Kashmiri people said that the Modi regime through the visit was trying to hoodwink the world that the situation in the occupied territory was peaceful and the area was part of India.

The APHC said that India can never change the disputed status of the occupied territory and the issue of Kashmir was to be decided under the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

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