Alvi stresses financial inclusion of women for progress

Says state is responsible for providing education to each and every child.

ISLAMABAD, President Arif Alvi on Monday emphasized the importance of financial inclusion of women and deprived segments of society for sustainable development and progress of the country.

Speaking at an event in Islamabad, he said women’s right in inheritance was another major requirement and was also enshrined in the teachings of Islam.

He noted no country can progress if they do not ensure inclusion in every sector for its citizens.

“Pakistan is a vibrant society and it has all the potential to move forward,” he added. 

The president on the occasion also mentioned educational issues in the country and referred to the over 26 million out of school children. He said Article 25 of the constitution guarantees basic education to every child free of cost. 

He said it was the responsibility of the state to ensure education to each and every child and this is imperative for development of the country too.

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