American mountaineer’s dead body found after 22 years

Bill Stampfl's body was intact in ice along with his belongings including passport.


PERU: The dead body of an American mountaineer who went missing in an expedition to a mountain in Peru has been found after 22 years.

According to media reports, the body was frozen in snow and intact along with the passport and other belongings of the deceased.

Ryan Cooper and Wesley Waren two mountaineers, found the body of Bill Stampfl on June 27 on Mount Huascaran, according to Joseph Stampfl, Bill’s son.

They were ascending the peak when they spotted the body and found out that the victim was an American.

Local people said that due to climate change the snow and ice on many mountains were melting, bringing to the sight the dead body of the mountaineer after over two decades.

They said that many mountaineers coming to Peru for scaling different peaks had gone missing in the past and were believed to be buried under avalanches.

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