Low-grade employees rally for rights

Protesters say govt should increase their salaries and allowances as inflation rising.

Irshadullah Khan

CHITRAL: Class IV employees in Chitral staged a protest outside the press club on Friday demanding an increase in their pay and allowances in accordance with the rising inflation.

The protesters, carrying placards and banners, gathered to voice their concerns about the low pay and inadequate benefits.

The employees said that their current salary was insufficient to meet their basic needs, and they were struggling to make ends meet. They demanded an increase in their medical and house allowances, citing the high cost of living.

Specifically, the protesters pointed out that the government’s allocation of Rs2,000 as house rent was grossly inadequate, given the current market rates. They urged the government to consider their plight and take necessary steps to address their concerns in the upcoming budget.

“We are finding it difficult to survive in this era of inflation,” said one of the protesters, adding, “We hope the government will take care of our rights and provide us with a decent salary and allowances.”

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