Over dozen PTI activists sent to jail in Chitral

District president Upper Chitral and veteran polio player Shahzada Sikendarul Mulk and others were booked for violating Section 144.

BOONI: Scores of PTI activists, including its district president Upper Chitral and veteran polio player Shahzada Sikendarul Mulk, have been arrested for violating Section 144.

The party PTI Upper Chitral president activists were accused of gathering outside a court during the hearing of a case registered against a PTI leader the other day by violating Section 144 already imposed in the area. Today they were shifted to the district jail in Denin Lower Chitral.

The PTI president, office-bearers and over a dozen activists were booked after they gathered in a civil court in Booni when former PTI MNA from Malakand Junaid Akbar was brought there by police on Saturday for the hearing of a case registered against him in Booni by one Dinar Wali for allegedly defaming state institutions on social media.

The arrest was condemned by the party as well as social and political circles and termed a targeted victimization of the PTI against all democratic and constitutional norms and values.

They said while other parties and their leaders were holding public gatherings across the country without any hurdles, the PTI workers were being implicated in fake cases in violation of their fundamental political and human rights.

These arrests are part of pre-poll rigging and an attempt to keep the PTI and its leaders away from elections, but like in the past such undemocratic tactics would fail to dent the popularity of the party.

Since the ouster of the PTI government and arrest of its chairman Imran Khan, cases have been registered against party leaders and activists across the country, including Chitral.    

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