Pakistani appointed to advisory council of Justice Center in US

New York State Senate confirms appointment of Dr. Ijaz Ahmad, a distinguished Pakistani American.

ALBANY (NEW YORK): Dr Ijaz Ahmad has become the first Pakistani-American to be appointed to the Justice Center Advisory Council of the USA.

The Senate confirmed the appointment made by New York New York State Governor Kathy Hochul of Dr. Ijaz Ahmad, a distinguished Pakistani American, to serve as member of the Justice Center Advisory Council. 

The advisory council was established under the Protection of People with Special Needs Act and is tasked with providing crucial guidance to the Justice Center on the development of policies, programs and regulations.

Dr. Ahmad’s expertise and dedication to public service are expected to bring valuable perspectives to the Council’s mission.

In a formal letter issued on May 23, the governor’s office confirmed Dr. Ahmad’s appointment, noting the Senate’s confirmation. The letter, signed by Karen Persichilli Keogh, Secretary to the Governor, outlines the necessary steps for Dr. Ahmad to assume his new role officially, including the administration of his oath of office.

Dr. Ijaz Ahmad expressed his gratitude to Governor Hochul, stating, “I am deeply honored by this appointment and look forward to contributing to the important work of the Justice Center Advisory Council. I thank Governor Hochul for this opportunity to serve the people of New York.”

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