Participants of Independence Day jeep rally off to Waziristan

Race will be held on August 14 on a seven km track at Gomal Zam Dam, says official.

PESHAWAR: Waziristan Independence Day Jeep rally organized by the Department of Tourism Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Culture and Tourism Authority got underway from Peshawar Sports Complex amidst great enthusiasm.

“The rally starts its journey toward scenic Waziristan’s Razmak Valley and then to Gomalzam Dam in Waziristan. More than 50 4×4 jeeps from all over the country are participating in the rally,” DG Tourism Authority Barkatullah Marwat told APP soon after the departure of the Jeeps Rally.

“The race will be held on August 14 on a 7 km track at Gomal Zam Dam, DG Tourism Authority Barkat Ullah Marwat informed. “The race consists of three different categories,” he said.

“Race jeeps in the A category, 2000 cc and above in the B category, and 2000 cc jeeps in the C category will participate,” Barkatullah Marwat said.

He said, “To celebrate Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day celebrations are also being continued in the adjoining districts.” He said, “Steps have been taken to promote tourism in the merged districts and through this way, the same will be highlighted to the rest of the world and with these local and foreign tourists.”

“Through this way, construction of the building, rest houses, and rest areas in the merged districts have also been planned so that to ensure facilitation to the tourists on a permanent basis,” Marwat added.

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