Petrol products prices go high

Petrol price rises by Rs. 23.58, high diesel Rs. 21.31 per litre: notification issued

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has made a decision of increase in petrol artifacts’ prices in the amid corona virus, the finance ministry has issued a notification on Friday.

According to a notification, petrol price has been increased by 25 rupees and 58 paisa per litre, while high speed diesel increased by 21 rupees and 31 paisa per litre.

Similarly, kerosene oil price hiked about 23 rupees and 50 paisa, and 17 rupees and 84 paisa in light diesel price, as per the notification.

Furthermore, after the price hike in petroleum products the new price of petrol per litre is 100.10 rupees, while high diesel per litre is at a cost of 101.46 rupees. Kerosene oil will be at a cost of 59.06 rupees and light diesel new price is fixed at 55.98 rupees per litre.

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