Protection of minorities’ rights top priority of Pakistan: ambassador

Mentions law against forced conversion, child marriages and discrimination against any vulnerable groups.

WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan has said the promotion and protection of the rights of minorities was top priority of the government.

He said that an effective strategy had been evolved to stem abuse of laws for settling disputes and personal feuds.

The ambassador made these remarks addressing a gathering of over 100 Pakistani American Christians who had gathered to meet him at Mar Thoma Church in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

The ambassador said that the incident in which Nazir Masih was killed was strongly condemned by the government and the civil society. The police response was quick and 09 members of Nazir Masih family were saved. Unfortunately, Nazir Masih could not survive. He said that a strategy was being evolved to stop such incidents from happening in future.

The ambassador assured the gathering of the transparent investigation into the incident and that the justice would be served in the case.

“The concerns of the Christian community will be addressed with full vigor,” he stated.

Masood Khan also reassured the community of the physical and economic wellbeing of victim family in Sargodha.

Christians, he said, are an integral part of the societal fabric of Pakistan, and their contributions to the nation’s development are invaluable.

He called for joint efforts to promote inter-faith cooperation. He underscored the need for mutual respect and understanding among different faiths to build a more harmonious and inclusive society.

Masood Khan also highlighted various legislative and administrative steps including the law against forced conversion, child marriages and discrimination against any vulnerable group.

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