Saudi Arabia ready to recognize Israel, claims Biden

US is in contact with six Arab countries, including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in this regard, tells interviewer.

WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden has claimed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was ready to recognize Israel. 

The US president made the revelation at a time when not only the Muslims but most of the world are pressuring the Zionist state to halt to its killing spree in Gaza that has been going on since October 7, 2023.

He said his government was in contact with six Arab countries including Saudi Arabia regarding diplomatic relations with Israel. He was of the view that ceasefire in Gaza would help us in making progress in recognition of Israel by the Muslim world.

President Biden and his government have repeatedly vetoed resolutions in the United Nations Security Council seeking a humanitarian ceasefire.

In such a situation, if Saudi Arabia was ready to recognize the Zionist state it would not only be surprising but also tantamount to compromising on the longstanding resolve of the Muslim countries not to develop diplomatic engagements with Israel. 

The US president also said that it was necessary to resolve the issue of Israel and Palestine on the two-state proposal in order to ensure the security and integrity of Israel.

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