Secretary highlights Gwadar’s strategic advantages for Chinese investors

Says key areas for investment in Gwadar include advanced maritime infrastructure, modern port and logistics facilities.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on his recent historic visit to China focused on further enhancing the robust relationship between the two nations.

Accompanied by a high-level delegation, the Prime Minister participated in the Shenzhen Pak-China Business Conference, engaging with leading business figures to foster economic and industrial cooperation.

Secretary for Maritime Affairs Zafar Ali Shah
Secretary for Maritime Affairs Zafar Ali Shah

One of the major highlights was the presentation by newly-appointed Secretary for Maritime Affairs Zafar Ali Shah on the Gwadar Free Economic Zone. Mr. Shah highlighted the zone’s immense investment potential, emphasizing its strategic advantages for Chinese investors. He further highlighted Gwadar’s potential as a leading transshipment hub, enhanced maritime infrastructure, and incentives for businesses.

“The Gwadar Free Economic Zone offers unique opportunities for Chinese investors,” he stated. Its strategic location, modern facilities and supportive regulatory environment make it an ideal investment destination.

Key points/areas for Chinese investment in Gwadar include advanced maritime infrastructure, modern ports and logistics facilities designed to handle high-volume transshipment. Furthermore, its proximity to key shipping routes and markets in the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia make it a key strategic location in the region.

Mr Zafar Ali also discussed the incentives for investors, including streamlined customs procedures, and robust legal protections. He added that due to diverse sectors such as manufacturing, logistics and technology there exist huge industrial growth opportunities for the potential investors. 

It is welcoming that great interest was shown by the Chinese companies in Gwadar and investment in Pakistan. The Prime Minister’s visit is expected to drive increased bilateral trade and investment reinforcing the economic partnership between Pakistan and China.

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