Tiktoker, mother jailed in UK for life over double murder

Both found guilty in a crash last year near, killing Saqib Hussain and Hashim Ijazuddin, both 21.

LONDON: TikToker Mahek Bukhari and her mother Ansareen Bukhari were sentenced to life in prison by a UK court over the double murder of two men in a deliberate fatal crash in Leicestershire.

Mahek, 24, was sentenced to life with a minimum prison term of 31 years and eight months. Her mother Ansareen was jailed for life and given a minimum term of 26 years and nine months.

The crash unfolded last year near Leicester, killing Saqib Hussain and Hashim Ijazuddin, both 21.

Inquiries showed Hussain had been in a relationship with Ansareen for three years. After Ansareen Bukhari tried to end the affair, Hussain made threats to expose the relationship to her husband and share her videos.

Ansreen offered to pay back money which  Hussain had spent during the relationship and it was arranged for Hussain to meet with  Ansreen and her daughter.

Ansareen and Mahek Bukhari arrived at the arranged meet-up in a Tesco car park in Hamilton, Leicester, along with six other people. Hussain then arrived at the car park in his car which was being driven by his friend  Ijazuddin.

The impact of the collision caused Mr Hussain’s car to split into two and its engine to detach from the body. Police said both victims died immediately from multiple injuries, prior to a fire taking hold.

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