Two Pakistanis on Israeli ship seized by Iran

FO seeks release of the two Pakistani citizens through embassy of Iran.

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office has approached Iran for the release of two Pakistanis who were on an Israeli container ship seized by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards on Saturday.

The ship was seized in the Strait of Hormuz and Iran said it was linked to Israel. Iran on Sunday also carried out missile and drone attacks on Israel, adding to the tension in the region.

According to reports, MSC, a major shipping company, said the MSC Aries, registered in Portugal, had been boarded by Iranian authorities via helicopter as it passed the Strait of Hormuz. The company is owned by an Israeli billionaire.

There were 17 Indians, two Pakistanis and other people on the ship when it was taken over by Iranian forces.

Sources said the Foreign Office shared the details of the two Pakistanis with the Iranian embassy in Islamabad which forwarded them to Tehran.

It is expected that Iran would soon release the two Pakistanis. Details about the Pakistanis and others taken into custody by Iranian forces were not available.

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