Cyclone hits southern US states, seven killed

Thousands of residents without power as supply system disrupted by cyclone Beryl, say authorities.


TEXAS: At least seven people have died and properties worth billions of dollars damaged after a cyclone hit southern states of the US, authorities have said.

Authorities had earlier warned of heavy rain and strong winds in the state of Texas. The cyclone cut off power supply to about two million people in the area. Moreover, business activities and flights were also disrupted.

Before hitting Texas, the Beryl cyclone rattled many areas of Jamaica, Grenada, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Many roads in the affected areas were blocked by gushing water and fallen trees. Two of the fatalities were also caused by falling trees in residential areas.

Authorities have said that emergency departments were launching work to restore power supply but there were forecasts of more rain in the states due to which the rehabilitation work faced a delay.

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