US appreciates arrest of alleged child trafficker in Pakistan

State Department spokesperson says America takes cases of human trafficking, child adoption very seriously.

WASHINGTON: The US State Department has appreciated Pakistani authorities’ prompt action against an alleged child trafficker.

During a press briefing, the State Department spokesperson said that the US takes human trafficking, sale of children and adoption of newborns very seriously. He said these issues were of national interest of both the US and Pakistan.

The spokesperson said that the US government always took it very seriously to ensure protection of the lives of children and their parents in connection with adoption.

In reply to a question, the State Department spokesperson said the US appreciates the prompt action taken against the alleged child trafficker by authorities in Pakistan.

It may be mentioned here that Sarim Burney, who is known in Pakistan as a human tights defender and pholanthropist, was arrested after his return to Karachi from abroad a few days ago on the complaint of the US authorities.

The Federal Investigation Agency was on Thursday given the physical custody of Burney for two days by a court in Karachi for investigation into allegations that he was involved in child trafficking from Pakistan to the US.

According to media reports, the suspect trafficked 20 children, including 15 girls, to the US within the last one year and handed them over to people for adoption there.

FIA officials said that the wife of the suspect was also involved in the illegal activity and might also ve detained gor investigation soon.

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